Keep It Clean

In keeping with our values of protecting the environment and delivering economically sustainable projects, Accurate Industries is proud to offer complete Equipment Wash Station equipment and services.

Our Equipment Wash Stations provide a platform to safely and efficiently clean equipment. They’re compact and mobile for easy transport and fast on-site set up. But they’re designed to handle a load!

Equipment Features:

  • Structural design supports heavy equipment up to 68,000 kg.
  • Reservoir contains all rough and fine cleaned soil, debris and water up to 13,000 L.
  • Visible high-volume collection compartments allow operator to easily monitor water level.
  • Wall guards support containment and provide wind protection.
  • Compact and mobile — engineered to be transported as a single load and set up on-site with minimal equipment support.

Our team also provides complete services and support:

  • Site delivery
  • Steam/pressure wash equipment and wash supplies
  • Set-up and take-down services
  • Wash-water storage units
  • Wash-water and waste-water transportation and disposal services
  • Labour resources and crew coordination


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